I'm Stephen, interested in underlying systems

Hi, all!

I’m Stephen (pronounced “Steven”).

There’s a lot of ways I’d like to change the world. Some are large, like reducing mass surveillance, and some are small, like improving my screen filter app. However, I know I’ll never be able to do all these myself; there’s just too many, even if I only count the small ones.

That’s why I’m interested in larger, systematic projects that can help fix many problems at once. It’s why I donate to represent.us, an American anti-corruption group — it’s hard to change laws with broken elections — and it’s why I’m here working on Snowdrift.coop: I want to see a fully funded FLO future.

So far, I’ve mostly been doing project management work for Snowdrift — coordinating work in a large[1], widely distributed, fully volunteer team is a unique challenge. I’m also trying to learn enough about all aspects of the project to become a backup @wolftune, so he doesn’t need to split his focus in so many ways.

Eventually I’d also like to contribute code; it’s just hard to spend time learning the code base when I could be making an immediate impact helping in other ways.

Some day!

  1. Compared to most FLO software projects, which have a single maintainer; the Snowdrift.coop team has included over 10 people in the time I've been a part of it ↩︎

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