How to build the merge request(s) for implementing the new design prototype


There is a new design prototype. @iko has the main template in it (“default layout”) and pages are going to be added gradually through the design team process. I’m converting the codebase to the new main template but it’s going to break the styling of all the pages, such as auth etc. until they get updated to the new styles too.

How to make MRs for this?


  1. MR to update main template and leave all other SASS intact, that breaks style since that old SASS isn’t compatible with the new main SASS
  2. MR to update main template, and totally delete all the old SASS and keep it that way and gradually add in the new SASS and hamlet as design team hands it over to us to implement, advantage is that the style being broken is more obvious, looks intentional and lot like it’s a bug
  3. Have a big branch where I and h30 make commits adding new design for all the existing pages in the codebase, and merge it at once when it’s all ready and the style works right in harmony

What should I do?

I made a MR using option 1, i.e. it breaks the style of all pages. Of course as we add new page templates coming from design team, this will get fixed. If that’s not the preferred way to do this, let’s talk about it.

Here’s what I suggest: implement the new layout with a new name. It can be a bad name, like defaultLayout1. Don’t change any of the existing pages or layout definitions. Just use the new layout for the newly-designed pages. This way we can change pages one-by-one until they all have the new layout. Finally, we can change defaultLayout itself.