Hi, I'm Leo, a platform cooperative enthusiast!

I’ve been a member of the Finnish social democratic party for a while now, got interested in platform cooperatives few years ago and it’s been main my main interest ever since. Hope to help every project I possibly can. Not a tech person myself, but happy to help in every other way possible.

I’m one of the founders of a platform cooperative called WeCo, which is democratically governed and owned alternative to Reddit with polling tools and more sophisticated categorization. And a democratic system of user governance where users can submit and vote on new features. Here’s two short videos about the project.

Heard about Snowdrift from Aaron in Social Coop and joined it something like 6 months ago, but only recently remembered it and had a video call with Aaron about it.

I hope to also connect Snowdrift with other projects that overlap with it, such as Platform6 and Coop Exchange. The great thing about cooperatives is that similar projects don’t have to compete, but can collaborate.

I tried adding more links to this introductionary post but I can only add 2 as a new member, so will tell more about the overlapping projects later :).

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Hi, Leo! Hopefully you get permission to add more links soon. :).

The fact that cooperatives can collaborate on their core competencies, rather than compete on them, is indeed very refreshing.

By the way, I spent three months working on Snowdrift remotely from Sipoo in 2016. Finland sure is a great place to be in the summertime!

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