Hi, I'm Jason Brown

Freelance journalist aka penniless writer aka unemployed! I write about global corruption and politics, which is why I can’t get a job.

Yep, that’s my real name.

Blundered here via news that Patreon upping its fee structure and looking into alternatives, and found Snowdrift via Reddit.

Looking forward to learning more :slight_smile:

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Welcome, Jason! Thanks for helping us test this new forum!

You’ve taken the lead before the main team even in posting here. I assume the Reddit context was a posting to our thorough review of funding platforms. Not that we want to promote Reddit, but in general, feel free to provide the relevant links (or maybe not… I have mixed feelings).

We don’t track where people come from and generally oppose all the excessive tracking, so we’ll stick to the voluntary human level of people telling us how they learned about Snowdrift.coop.

Well, I’m going to go post my own intro now. Looking forward to hearing more from you about corruption in politics… I sure hope we can fund more of that valuable journalism