Hi, I'm Hyzypg!

Hey everyone!

I’m a lurking but enthusiastic fan/supporter of Snowdrift.coop. Even though I don’t anticipate posting here that much, I still wanted to introduce myself and let y’all know I appreciate this vital work you’re doing!

I like structure so I’m going to use the suggested questions.

How did you find out about Snowdrift.coop? What brings you to this forum?

I volunteer my time with an organization that is focused on providing resources, technology, and organizing capacity to worker cooperatives and other solidarity economy/dual power initiatives.

We had a successful fundraising drive a few months ago thanks to our social media presence, but I was on the search for a more sustainable method of funding.

I figured there had to be some kind of platform that combined the idea of donation matching and recurring donations. To my surprise I couldn’t find any mainstream platforms doing that. Eventually my search led me to Snowdrift.coop’s Other Crowdfunding / Fundraising Services wiki page (which is an amazing resource btw :pray:t5:).

What are your overall personal backgrounds, career(s), and/or passions?

I have degrees in Biology and Psychology. In proper millennial form, I’m not using those degrees in my job at all (well maybe psychology). I work for a small tech company as a customer support programmer/engineer of sorts. I have fundraising experience from my time working for nonprofits.

My passions/interests are:

Where are you in the world? What’s your native language?

Midwest United States! I work remotely so my partner and I have been traveling around the U.S. via housesitting for the past few years. We’ve been itching to finally set some roots though so we’ll be headed to Vermont this year :national_park:!

Are you engaged in public goods and/or FLO funding already? (as patron or creator or otherwise?)

I would consider myself a creator of a public good since the organization I’m working with is primarily focused on high-quality educational resources and technology related to cooperative institutions. I’m one of the creators of our online tools/resources.

What sorts of projects do you most want to see funded through Snowdrift.coop?

I hope projects providing FLO resources other than software can be funded through Snowdrift.coop.

I hope I have the opportunity to get more involved with Snowdrift.coop in the future!

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Welcome! What a nice, thoughtful intro!

Even without that much participation, general positive energy and activity helps more than we often realize. After all, we’re all human, and the challenges of keeping engaged as volunteers with a long-term, challenging, distributed team is not easy.

We have a lot to do on structuring the full working co-op to be as effective, robust, and sustainable as it can be. I look forward to any input you have on such things. Feel free to invite anyone else to the community too!

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