Hi, I'm Francis (@fvila789)

Hi folks,

I’m a beginner at open source, I started contributing without introducing myself, so here goes.

I live and work around the Paris area, in a company called Axway, a software editor. In my job I’ve done tech writing, graphics, UI-UX, web development., and I’m looking for open source projects where I can do a bit of all that.

I was attracted to Snowdrift.coop because it’s a new idea, and as such I imagine it’s still open for discussion. Also I like understanding and explaining new concepts, new ways of thinking.

The only open source project I’ve ever funded is Wikipedia. I give 3 euros when I get the emails asking for funding. As such I think I am similar to a lot of people out there who feel it would be a good idea to give but haven’t really got around to it yet. So I think I can help getting to them.

My father was a French scientist, my mother was an English painter, and my wife is a Chinese writer. I love traveling/sightseeing/walking around and I do painting and sculpture.

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Hi Francis and welcome! Feel free to bug me about anything that’s on your mind – looks like much of what you want to contribute is connected to what I do in that project.

Hi @mray,

I’m afraid I tend to plunge into new projects and environment and suggesting ideas left right and center, sometimes without fully understanding all the issues, and without abiding the context and people already working on it… :thinking:

I see from your profile you are into Design, Branding, Visual Design and Interaction Design. Can you say more about that? What tools do you use, for example?

Well, those things were part of my formal education and that’s what I’m involved over here as much as I can. I use free software, in case of Snowdrift that’s mostly Inkscape, sometimes Scribus, GIMP or Blender. At Snowdrift we are very committed to use open standards and free software – so if you’re not using those already, buckle up and give it a try :wink:

After all, it isn’t about what tools we use, but how we use them.

Speaking of tools, we use seafile to exchange binary source files, my personal account is https://snowdrift.sylphs.net/d/29adfc9157/ for example. Might make sense at some point to have an account for you, too.

I forgot: https://git.snowdrift.coop/sd/design/blob/master/docs/design-guide/readme.md <- you should check that out!

Did you do the Snowdrift logo ? It looks really nice. I like the cartoon character too.

Yes I’ll sign up for seafile, looks interesting!

At work I’m using Illustrator most, so for open source it’s easier for me to stick to the same tool. As it can output and read svg I guess that’s not too much of a problem?
I have used Inkscape and Blender. I also use PowerPoint for diagrams, but maybe that’s less open-source compatible.

where are you in the world, by the way?

Freiburg, Germany :wink: