Hi, I'm David from CoLab

Hi folks! I’m David Brooks from CoLab Cooperative. Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

What are your overall personal backgrounds, career(s), and/or passions?

I’m a worker-owner at CoLab which means I wear a lot of hats, including governance, diversity, innovation, culture, and have been on the board there for years. Programming-wise, I’m mainly a web developer (JS HTML CSS some Python, doing a lot of Elixir stuff recently), but I’ve dabbled in machine learning and game development. I’m super interested in coops, hackerspaces, permaculture, AI, sociocracy, lots of stuff.

Where are you in the world? What’s your native language?

I currently live in Alabama. English is my mother-tongue.

Are you engaged in public goods and/or FLO funding already? (as patron or creator or otherwise?)

Not yet, but I’m interested in becoming a creator!

What sorts of projects do you most want to see funded through Snowdrift.coop?

Infrastructure-ish projects like knowledge management, coordination / governance, civic software, etc. Also any alternatives to proprietary stuff that is hard to find FLO versions of. Anything to help end capitalism :slight_smile:

Read other people’s intros and use any ideas you like from their posts (and, while you’re at it, reply to them, say “hi” etc)…

What a small world…
Hi @strypey ! :slight_smile: long time no see!
Hi @micky I just saw you last week and will probably see you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Welcome! I saw some interesting chatter on Matrix and look forward to connecting more soon.

Welcome and thanks for introducing yourself so well. I have a ton of thoughts about collaboration and communication and so on. I’m more in the still-learning stage on Sociocracy. I opened up this dump of an issue Study / implement Sociocracy (#529) · Issues · Snowdrift.coop / snowdrift · GitLab but I’m not experienced enough with real practice.

I wonder if maybe you’d be up for actually guiding us some? Like facilitating some sociocratic things here? It might be valuable that you are a new outsider and are neutral about everything at this point… We might discuss these details in a separate topic. Anyway, great to have you here!

Sure! I’d be happy to :slight_smile:

Kia ora David, welcome to the Snowdrift community.

FYI to all and sundry, I won’t be active here for the foreseeable, or in ethical tech projects in general, for
reasons explained here:


Thanks for the heads-up @strypey. I don’t think you have any special access here. I’m sorry to see you go, but glad that you’re taking the time you need. Best of luck in your recovery and hopefully we’ll see you again a few years down the road :slight_smile:

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