Hey this is Charles


Hi everyone.

Charles Wyble here. I’ve been providing Aaron advice/counsel for a couple years now. Helping him in a quasi governance “board of directors” capacity (he serves on the board of TSYS). Glad to be part of the community more visibly now.

I’m founder/CEO over at Turn Net Systems (https://www.turnsys.com) and am interested in using snowdrift as a white label platform for ongoing support/maintenance of community networks (or what we call internet in a box).


Welcome Charles!

I should clarify since this is now public about a couple items Charles mentioned (which we’ll have more formal blog posts about soon, shouldn’t be discussed on this topic further — if readers have questions they should reply as linked new topics).

  • We started off with a “steering committee” and while that went through some iterations, we currently are in process of forming the first fully official Board of Directors whose primary duty besides advising will be accepting the complete Bylaws for the fully-operating co-op.
  • We have no specific plans to offer a white-label service and many reasons to not focus on that direction, but (A) the path isn’t fixed for what long-term options are offered and (B) everything we do is FLO, so our model and software and everything could be adapted by anyone for anything whether we like it or not. As we move forward, we’ll discuss the best fit for TSYS and other projects. Broadly speaking, democratic-but-centralized versus decentralized versus distributed is a whole big topic with varying pros, cons, risks, costs along the spectrum.

I first met Charles at SCaLE in 2016 where we connected on a lot of things and he offered valuable advice in our thinking about project management. He didn’t mention here, but his previous involvement was in co-founding an initiative called the Free Network Foundation, which isn’t active any more but whose mission and work is a key building block for Turn Net Systems.

Again, cheers, welcome!


Hi! I’m glad you introduced yourself, Charles. :tada: