Hey - I'm Matt V!

Hi Snowdrift community! I am a civic technologist and lawyer. I’ve co-founded https://www.mapletestimony.org/ - which is an open source, non-profit digital public space centered on pending legislation in Massachusetts (hopefully, to be cloned and deployed in other states/towns). I love the snowdrift concept and have signed up!
I’m interested in joining a meeting or setting up a call with one of the project “leaders” - hopefully I can contribute somehow! [unfortunately my software dev skills are lacking] – thanks!

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Hi Matt, welcome aboard!

There’s definitely non-technical areas we could use help in. The main thing we need right now is to finish writing our bylaws, so we can start actually operating as a co-op. Our task tracker is woefully out of date, but when it gets organized, those tasks will be tied to this milestone: Charge our Patrons - snowdrift/tasks - Codeberg.org. What area of the law do you specialize in?

If you’re around at 4pm on Fridays, you could stop by our weekly team meeting: Weekly team meeting and "coffee-shop". Expect to spend a couple minutes setting up Mumble the first time.

Also, I live in Northampton and take semi-regular trips to Hopkinton; if you’d like to meet in person some time, I’m sure we can figure that out.

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