Hello, I'm CANAWEN

I made this post, because it’s been about 1 year since I first pledged to snowdrift.coop, back on 2017-12-08 03:26:24.807768 UTC to copy from the project page.

Things have changed a lot since I first signed up.

I have to say, although things have not progressed as quickly as I thought they would, looking at the rate or progress in the past, there have been significant strides and accomplishments, including:

  • Multiple conferences attended, spreading the snowdrift concept,
  • A revamped site, that looks way better than the old one,
  • A introductory video!,
  • An increase to 100 sized crowd of pledges, and
  • A team size that keeps on increasing, and is actually co-operating.

I’d just like to say that that last one is the one I find most encouraging. Most FLO projects are run by one, maybe two people, with the occasional helpers, translators, or bug fixers. Furthermore, most projects that do have teams, have narrowly focused teams, of only designers, or only programmers, etc, this team is diverse in it’s skills.

I’m sorry that I got off topic. Anyways, back to me. I’m currently a part-time student attending a Canadian university, studying Math and Economics. I also work full time. I consider myself an advocate and supporter of Capitalism, but recognize that geography, technology, and incentives are creating scenarios where traditional capitalism just doesn’t work, or at least, doesn’t work without some sort of government granted protection such as DMCA take-downs, copyright limit extensions ala Disney, etc. Which ultimately resort in implied or actual violence, through the court system. I’m most interested in how different organizations are structured themselves. That is, the organization of organizations.

I enjoy research, and it was a search for a replacement for Patreon that lead me to @wolftune’s wiki page on market research that lead me to Snowdrift.coop. I was impressed with the coop 'circle’s organizing structure that was being setup, and pledged as a supporter right away.

I’m slowly teaching myself haskell, but more often than not I find myself researching an aspect that is currently relevant to snowdrift.coop such as aspects of what Stripe is capable of, simply commenting on the forums and occasionally on IRC.

I’m happy to be here.

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Thanks for all the thoughts and your helpful, encouraging participation here on the forum!

Although I did a lot of the market-research, Kim Hoff, the first intern / contractor early on did about half the research in our initial run of the 700+ sites. I’ve done most (but not all) of the updates since then.

The circle stuff was related to Holacracy and really Sociocracy… and actually, I’d welcome help with that part of things as much as with Haskell or other stuff (despite our cooperation functioning as is, we have a ways to go to keep improving).

I hope the next year will show a lot more progress than the past one…

In the past, we had Bryan working full time. That’s important both for the actual work he was doing and because his constant involvement kept everyone else engaged. In the current all-volunteer state, it’s really easy to end up in a situation where people are busy and not much happens in a given week – so even though one of us individually might have time, we might not know what to do, be blocked on someone else, etc.

That is to say, just being present on the forum and chiming in on important topics to generate interest and help us keep focused can be super helpful, too.

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Your enthusiasm is always welcome, thanks for checking back in!