Guide to flagging posts

When dealing with troublesome posts, use your best judgment in choosing from the following actions (you can use multiple actions for the same post):

  • For public discussion of a post: use the #feedback-support:meta category
    • this could be just general discussion of the concern overall or include links or notes about a specific post
    • Don’t use public discussion to shame anyone. Use it for cases where public discussion will likely lead to healthy outcomes such as consciousness-raising.
  • For private message to poster without actually flagging, use the first option in the flagging dialogue.
    • Make sure the feedback itself stays constructive!
  • Flagging options (mutually exclusive, unfortunately):
  • Flag as “something else” = unspecified flag + message to mods
    • This is the only current option for messaging the poster anonymously (by asking moderators to forward the message anonymously.
    • To message staff without flagging, send a regular private message to @moderators.

When a post receives enough flags or when a moderator takes action after seeing a flag, the post will be hidden and the poster will receive a message asking them to edit and repost.

Where are the flagging options?

To flag a specific post, expand the menu right below it:

You can also flag a whole topic via the button at the bottom of a topic page, but that offers fewer options than per-post flagging.

(note that new users must reach Trust Level 1 before flagging is available)