Governance updates in response to tensions

I’m still learning about Sociocracy but we had some influence in the past from Holacracy (which we are not sticking with specifically). But core point is worth clarifying for now, even before we get updated better governance:

Any tensions anyone feels in relation to doing effective work for the project — that’s a potential source for updating and improving our governance roles.

So, I had a note from a while back about design folks concerned about tensions that arose from deployments that happened without design review. Some concerns about whether to delay deployments until everything is clean versus deploying with warts and bugs and just continually fixing them… Such an issue could be best dealt with through a governance process.

The design roles would bring up the tension, have some discussion, and perhaps propose something about having more say about deployments. Since that affects other roles, others could object. Ideally, we end up with a concrete update to accountabilities so that the tensions get addressed and everyone still feels able to do their roles without being stymied by others.

That’s just an example. Let’s start by noticing tensions we feel and posting on the forum about them.

I hope to get to a governance overhaul soon, but this basic practice doesn’t need to wait, even though it will go best after the overhaul.

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