Gitlab tags for prioritizing

Continuing the discussion from Tagging GitLab issues across repos:

In my experience, having separate tags for these is not particularly useful. That’s due to some combination of (A) Something urgent with less gravitas may take priority of a more “important” but less pressing thing and (B) what’s considered “important” changes over time. So, that “important to do but later is fine” thing might no longer be important when “later” comes around.

There are some exceptions that will always be important, like making sure we’re in good legal standing, but I’m dubious that we will have issues for those things which will be valuable to tag.

I think the [high/medium/low/no priority] labels we currently have in the code repo are a better approach.[1] Additionally, I believe Gitlab has some special support for it.

I’m open to being proven wrong, if there are actual issues in our repos which would benefit from having separate important and urgent tags.

  1. Although I think 4 levels might be overkill; 3 would probably be enough ↩︎

1 Appreciation

I actually agree. @Salt requested the “important” vs “urgent” tags. It’s not his custom thing, it’s the “Eisenhower Decision Matrix”.

But I really agree with you that it would be wrong for us to apply this to our tags. I think “easy” and “quick” if we really know them to be that are nice to have. I think we can and should use due-dates when there are real due-dates, priority-tags as appropriate, and milestones…

Update: we are now using the following group labels in GitLab:

  • easy
  • quick
  • priorities:
    • top
    • high
    • medium
    • low