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I came across this last night and thought that snowdrift crowdmatching is a great fit.

Many comments on HN talk about bounties

However that’s not sustainable at all for a whole host of reasons. Steady and sustainable cash flow is a necessity , and crowdmatching is an ideal way to achieve that. We need to move away from grant and bounty chasing. That’s the FLO / nonprofit world version of VC funding. Everyone is focused on runway and this cyclic fundraising model.

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Thanks for the link. I hesitated but went ahead and added myself to the GitHub guy’s contact form of people interested in conversations on this topic.

Indeed, we’ve written about that thoroughly at

In the past, I’ve linked to that to try to show each person who proposes yet another bounty site (they seem to pop up monthly or something) that they haven’t hit upon some new answer but are just going down a well-trodden dead-end. In fact, I noticed today that several more of the sites we were tracking have finally been put out of their misery, so I updated the list.

Engaging with Hacker News comments
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