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I added a reply to a post about how free software is like public goods at Dreamwidth:

I just wanted to mention this as an example where we may recruit or spread interest. I’d be happy for any encouragement, feedback, thoughts, etc. on doing this sort of thing in general.

I do sense the Dreamwidth community is likely an area of the internet with particularly sympathetic folks incidentally.

I also noted the positive reply to my post, and I was wondering whether I/we should do anything to further follow up with supportive folks in a case like this. So, I posted here to get thoughts from others.

I suppose once we have CiviCRM working better, maybe we could/should track things like this there?

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Seems like a good route to go - promoting snowdrift in places where it’s likely to be supported is incredibly reasonable. Finding a balance of efforts in regards following up will be interesting, but makes the most sense when it pertains directly to conversations (such as the dreamwidth one) of people who have explicitly expressed interest. Nice find, and great idea to keep on the lookout (and comment or at least note on CiviCRM) for appropriate platforms/avenues of online promotion! Definitely appreciate that it’s a relevant topic and not an off-topic tangent/ shameless plug - that’s the way to go :clap:

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