FYI: Discourse plugin Retort is at risk of breaking soon

We are not alone in complaining about the stupid 1-reaction-per-user approach to the official Discourse reactions system. At any rate, someone else posted about Retort breaking with some upstream library changes and also about how to get someone to keep the functions going (whether in the official thing or as an updated plugin)

Oh wow!

This particular reply from the Discourse team says they have full multiple-reactions support on their official roadmap! This is a total shift from the insulting style of dismissal of the idea that they had initially when I and others complained about the way they first built reactions.

It seems to me that good ideas sometimes do just win out. People who are closed at first see over time why things matter and change their mind (though they sometimes don’t highlight that they changed or review and reflect on their initial attitude).

So, might not be right away, but Discourse is on track to do the right thing here!

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