FOSSY 2023: July 13-16, Portland, Oregon

FOSSY is a new conference in Portland, filling the gap left be the ending of OSCON and Open Source Bridge (each of which ended long before the pandemic incidentally).

I will be speaking about sustainable FLO funding

Less directly Snowdrift-related, but @Salt will be speaking about IndieWeb:

Besides the FLO-emphasis, the conference has a dedicated track emphasizing cooperatives.

We are also going to be around to meet up with people. And we’re considering scheduling some Snowdrift social meetup event (and I’ll update this post if we do).

Some notes from the conference:

I ran into so many people I knew already, felt like more than half of the 300 attendees were people I have personal connection with from past conferences from years ago. There was a lot more blatant discussion of systemic problems, questioning the whole economic system, seeing the big systemic problems.

My talk went well, and I hope to see some added energy here. I appreciated various talks too, notably one on which went beyond my skeptical initial impressions and seemed to be really well done with emphasis on dynamism, adaptability, iteration, and participation…