Forum really slow for anyone else?

I’m getting 30-120 second page loads… but only for the first load; once page actually renders, it seems to work alright (although, the js stuff on the site also seems really slow).

I’m having a helluva time diagnosing this as well. It’s a little slow, but more-or-less normal on my phone… most of the time, except every so often it’s slow (10-15 seconds). But it also seems like it might be related to my browser, since a fresh firefox profile and chromium have far less trouble, and the dev tools network analyzer shows that many requests were blocked… but only sometimes, and I couldn’t figure out if/which one of my extensions was causing it, and no other websites are causing me any problems :woozy_face:

Basically, I can’t find any patterns that definitively conclude whether the problem is my browser, my internet connection, the osuosl’s internet connection (or just the link(s) between us), their server, or the discourse software itself.

Along the way I did notice that the version of discourse we’re running is based on this commit, which was made just 12 hours ago. I know Discourse kind of pushes everyone to always be running the latest version, but well, it’s not called “bleeding edge” for nothing. Unless there’s specific features or fixes we need, I’d rather stay on an older, stable release. Let’s let other people find the bugs; we’ve got enough on our plate without doing Discourse’s QA, too.

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I did the updates because Retort was broken, and I got those fixes. I didn’t bother to not update Discourse (I could have updated Retort only). Since you’re having some issues and Retort has still more fixes, I’ll run the update again. But I agree in general about leaving well-enough alone usually.

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Not sure if this is what did it, but it’s back to being snappy again for me. So, for now I will assume it was a software issue and won’t do anything more about this. If it happens again without updating, I’ll ask osuosl if they notice anything out of the ordinary on their end.