Focusing the Mechanism discussion

So many factors to consider @team : in order to prompt the (many previous discussions), this is my attempt to narrow down to the barest skeletal features of the potential mechanism (regardless of superficial layers that could be applied to any: such as there being a default ‘big button’ to press, other presets, and how often donations are collected). Just these things here could be hours and hours of discussion, so let’s make progress!

  • The Essential factors as I am interpreting them (will edit if improvements)

    • what the goals are (how many) and who decides them. Some options as have been previously propsed:

      • Project Sets goal/s

      • Patrons set own goal/proportion of project goal (for themselves)

      • ??? some other combination (I doubt anyone will want patrons only to set goals)

    • pledges: which goal/s those proportional to and whether patrons can make differential pledges

There was already agreement on the proposal to accept that at a threshold, instead of being ‘kicked out’, the crowd matching turns off.

Referencing @mray 's proposal, and @wolftune 's prompts to direct this process as well: decision process for new mechanism and goals for crowdmatching success.

For discussion on single goal, @smichel17 started a good thread here

Let’s try to keep things concise, collaborative, and constructive so we can move forward!

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I’d also like to add that if anyone has any ideas about how to progress this conversation, that would be relevant here: If it means having a dedicated meeting instead of of forum discussion, etc.

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I brought this up in the co-working session and am hoping to write-up an actual thread with plan of action, but it seems to me that a 4-8 “retreat” is in order. The idea would be to block off time, have some amount of structured activities, and set a goal of something that needs to be decided on by the end.

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