Focus over the next few weeks

At least through the end of the month, I’m going to be making Snowdrift my main focus. Encouraged by others, I think unblocking development should be my main focus. So I am going to do that on weekday days, and limit my forum activity to evenings and weekends (where it competes for my time with other things).

Practically, that means I’m going to let someone else respond to @davidak about project choice in Building consensus on crowdmatching options for a single goal, and it might be a while until I reply to Patron based proposal for mechanism 1.1 (instead of $-based goals)

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I have vacation the next 3 weeks and one focus is snowdrift, so expect more activity than usual. :grin:

@smichel17 thanks for your inputs so far! It’s very helpful to think about every aspect to find the best solution.

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