Flagging documentation, guides

So, I propose we have an overall “about flagging” page here at the forum separate (but linked both ways) from the Code of Conduct.

I already updated CoC on the wiki now linking to a new wiki page about conduct enforcement generally.

I try to reduce duplication, but in this case I haven’t found a great way to avoid duplicating the CoC generally on the wiki and specific to Discourse on the forum /guidelines.

Where should the new flagging page go?

Separately, I think we should clarify a relatively complete list of text items and pages etc. that reference or happen with flagging so we are sure everything is consistent.

This is all related to


I read this and envisioned “A forum user’s guide to flagging”. Is that also what you had in mind?

If so

What about a pinned post under Welcome?

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Sounds good enough.

I’d lean toward pinning under #feedback-support:forum [and done: Guide to flagging posts]

We could have a single main #welcome post that links to resources including this one…