Feedback on video budget limit, how-it-works

Continuing the discussion from Crowdmatching implementations, charging up-front?:

Thanks for the clear feedback. I know you understand more now, but we do need to be aware of the reactions people have and adjust our explanations to help everyone be clear.

As said in the linked topic, if you truly can’t afford the price any more, we do not currently have a mechanism to keep you in, but hitting the limit is so far off in the future, we have time to consider how to best manage that. But for now, we need to make sure this concern doesn’t turn people off too quickly.

We’ve had some other feedback about how the budget seems unclear where it is (the small example of the concept doesn’t make it clear how soon the budget limit might come up). In our current model, you’d have to be engaged in crowdmatching 10,000 other pledges to hit the $10 limit, so it’s a long ways off, not something to worry about.

We put the budget limit prominently because without it a portion of people imagine that there’s absolutely no limit and thus see crowdmatching as high-risk for being charged any enormous amount. But we need to also address the concern about getting cut out too soon.

Perhaps improvements to How it Works — can address your concern.

Yet another bit of feedback now about how we need to do better right away at communicating the budget-limit situation:

It’s clear that the video gets across the idea that there is a limit. How-it-works needs to then emphasize why it works the way it does. And it should make it clear that the limit is far off and is a just-in-case, fail-safe control-point.