Feature request: mod mode

It would be great if there were a way for mods to disable their privileges and view the site as a regular user. This would help make it easier to avoid pitfalls like accidentally commenting on a closed thread, and help clarify elements are mod-only.

It’s similar to this: Requiring password before admin actions can be taken - #4 by codinghorror - feature - Discourse Meta, except that solution does not allow a mod to see the site from a user’s perspective.

We should file a feature request at https://meta.discourse.org/ and link there from this topic.

FWIW, mods can impersonate other users (though this should be used with care). We could have a dummy generic user or users at different trust-levels even, and then be able to impersonate them.

Just go to the user’s page to access the impersonate feature if you’re an admin.