FAQ vs community-guidelines / CoC

There seems to be no way to break these apart right now. The community guidelines (that are linked when people are first posting and are linked to flagging and so on) are the same page that is called “FAQ”:

https://community.snowdrift.coop/t/conduct-guidelines-etc/5 = https://community.snowdrift.coop/faq

I’d like to see the hamburger menu have something with an appropriate title about CoC / community-guidelines, not just FAQ. And it could be nice to have a distinct FAQ page…

Some updates:

  • as long as we have some alternate URL for “faq” in the settings, the header in “About” for the guidelines changes to “Guidelines” and lives only at /guidelines while /faq redirects
    • So, aside from choosing the best FAQ location, we need something there in order to retain /guidelines as a thing
    • Where should the updated FAQ live? I made it go to the wiki FAQ page for now. Do we want to move that to Discourse or have a Discourse-specific FAQ?
    • the FAQ remains in the hamburger menu (is that fine?), but now we need to figure out how to add Guidelines to that menu. [DONE!]
  • I split out the extra advice part so that /guidelines is a bit shorter. I posted the extra stuff as a pinned topic in the welcome category and included a link to /guidelines there as well.

updated status:

I think this issue is basically cleared up as good as we can for now.