Engaging feedback in our daily work

Continuing the discussion from Alternate title and description for "Clearing The Path":

I disagree with the leanings of @smichel17’s comment from the linked topic that focuses on concern about re-hashing things with people etc.

We can adapt over time if there’s too much distraction from newcomers looking over our shoulders, so to speak. But allowing them to engage is part of what will grow the robust community and team.

The point is: if we segregate all the overall questions and distracting stuff into the general discussion and keep our work-discussion area (currently called “Clearing the Path”) for real work, then I think we will avoid lots of excessive re-hashing. We can move tangents out.

I see our work discussion area here as one that is both more open and publicly accessible but because it will be obviously real workers discussing real work, newcomers will naturally hesitate to interrupt the work with their questions. I think we should open up the possibility for their interaction and see how it goes rather than discourage it over worries that too much interjection will come up.