Dollar goal with cap on matching

I just made a connection:

We’ve had a not-really-resolved debate about whether crowdmatching should happen per-dollar (pledged by the crowd) or per-patron. ⇒ Our original share-value mechanism was a compromise between these two.[1]

What about a simpler alternative that accomplishes the same thing? ⇒ You can pledge any amount, but only your first $X counts towards the goal.

If you pledge more, it’s still split into a donation and a matching promise along the same %. You don’t unlock any additional matching this way, but you increase the size of the matching promise, allowing others (giving $X or less) to be matched more than 1:1.

Another connection:

Another ongoing debate is around offering options for how much to pledge vs making the decision as simple as possible (in or out?). This suggestion provides an elegant compromise: $X is the suggested amount on the big ‘pledge’ button, the smallest amount you can give to unlock the maximum matching.

An even simpler option would be to make X the minimum value. So you have a binary pledge/unpledge at $X, with the option to give more if you want (this could even be moved to a different screen, or only available after you pledged).

  1. Each time you doubled your pledge, you’d be matched as if 1 extra person joined. ↩︎

So beyond the cap, this the common grant-style matching? Like there’s $10,000 potential matching funds to claim, and the crowd matches it or not, only now that extra is on top of the normal crowdmatching?

Yes, I think that’s how this works out. Although I’ve only seen grant-style matching for one-offs.

1 Appreciation

I subsequently realized that this is effectively patron-based matching + variable pledge. The only difference is we’re expressing the patron-goal in terms of a dollar amount (patron goal multiplied by the base pledge).