Discourse plugins to consider

These all seem possibly nice but none seem super valuable:

  • [official plugin] topic-group-button (maybe try?)
  • checklist plugin (probably not, getting dated too)
  • We used to have spoiler-alert installed (assuming from commented-out list from when we troubleshooting). Do we actually care about having it? I’m doubtful, maybe little harm in having it available but unused though.
  • [official plugin] data-explorer offers some functioning for SQL access into the database, would we ever appreciate that?
  • [official plugin] saved-searches could be useful maybe
  • [official plugin] chars-required just shows the required chars instead of only having a notice when trying to submit without enough chars

Decided already:

Mods can already edit. You can allow everyone to edit by making a post a wiki (any post, replies included). So this only adds anything if you want to allow a specific group of non-moderators to edit.

Seems like overkill.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: “respect” and “agree” instead of or addition to “like”?

I don’t really see the use of this. What would we make the button do?

I dunno, I guess maybe if we have an idea later, we may remember the plugin exists. Closing this topic now.