Diddly Doo. Up for helping with ops thing maybe...Aaron made me say it


How’s it going everyone? My name is Robert but I also by Aryeah or Rob. I am from the PNW and I work for a university.


welcome, and thanks for the willingness to contribute! And kudos for joining even if Aaron made you do it hah :wink:


Welcome, Rob! (I’ll stick to Aryeah or Rob since @mray is already Robert).

Speaking of, what’s this ops thing I hear you might be up for helping with? :wink:
@orcaslinux @wolftune


@orcaslinux is a sysadmin professionally and could start by signing up for our GitLab instance https://git.snowdrift.coop at which point we could give access to review the ops docs and issues and get perspective, giving feedback or asking questions about the status quo. One step at a time.


Absolutely in whatever needed. Let me know. Sorry for the late reply btw