Define funding goals for snowdrift

This is needed before we can start the funding. We should also document the process for following projects.

Some questions to consider:

  • How many resources do you need to keep the platform running
  • How many resources do you need to finish development
  • How many resources do you need to continue improving the platform
  • How many resources do you need to onboard new projects
  • How many resources do you need to support projects and users
  • How many resources do you need to promote the vision, crowdmatching mechanism, platform
  • How many resources do you need to support upstream projects

This came up in Funding milestones.
Related to Brainstorm help on defining full working team structure and business plan.

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We very recently started a separate GitLab project for fundraising. We didn’t make it fully public initially because we weren’t sure where some private items might come up (such as team members discussing personal situations in order to determine funding needs). I think we ought to push it toward being more public and use only limited confidential issues where necessary.

Anyway, we’ve procrastinated in the past on this topic, but it’s essential.

The relevant issues opened recently:

  • Collect reference data for funding needs
    • find references for the expenses for similar-enough platforms
      • what do they spend money on?
      • how much for what?
  • clarify financial needs from core team
    • how much progress overall will help you feel motivated and engaged?
    • Does money directly relate to your capacity to put in hours on Snowdrift?
    • what would it take for you to be willing to put in X hours per week?
    • what support do you need to help you do your work? (e.g. hiring some other role or service)

@smichel17, @alignwaivers, @Salt is there a reason not to make the fundraising project more public and then to just use confidential issues if needed? What about making a sub-project for fundraising and having a private project and a public project within that?

I see no reason to keep the general principles and steps private.

Anyway, @davidak those are excellent starting prompt questions. Answering them is not easy, and the answers may be best-guesses. But that’s the nature of this whole topic. There’s still lots of data out there we can use to end up with at least a working range. We obviously could make use of more than some small amount like $100/mo, and we are not in position to use $millions at this time. I’m sure we can narrow the range to much more precision by doing some research and discussion.

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