Dead link in Honor Code for Projects

“Consider the aims laid out in the Franklin Street Statement on Freedom and Network Services”

The page this part of the wiki links to has gone offline. This link needs to updated. Either Snowdrift could host its own copy of the Franklin St Statement on the wiki, or link to an archived version in the WaybackMachine.


Also on the same page:

“Note: FLO projects can get SSL certificates from Globalsign at no charge!”

Probably worth mentioning Let’sEncrypt here too?


Thanks for catching that! I fixed both those issues.

That page has a lot of room for updating in general when we can get around to it. Please feel free to offer more suggestions.

Note that besides accessing the wiki directly, you may also post issues and merge-requests at

But this part of the forum is indeed the right place for any discussion of the wiki!

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