Current Priority: Alpha Visual Design milestone

Our next medium-term goal is reaching the alpha milestone — getting fully-functional[1] with a single project on the site: ourselves. That includes…

  1. updates to the content of some pages
  2. updates to the visual design of all pages

Currently, only some of the pages on the live website have been updated to the new design, making the site feel broken/incomplete when you navigate from an updated page to an old page. Thus, we want to prioritize getting all pages to use the updated visual design before updating page content.

These tasks are collected under a separate milestone:

If you’re interested in contributing to the Snowdrift code, the issues in the alpha visual design milestone are a good place to start.

  1. "Fully-functional" meaning payouts can happen; UX is good enough that we could send someone who wants to become a patron to and they'd be able to figure out how to pledge without additional steps ↩︎

1 Appreciation