Crowdmatching across multiple projects, multiple pledges, system budget

Continuing the discussion from Suggestions for How it works:

On multiple projects within one budget

In describing stuff like 1,000 patrons = $1,000 while 5,000 patrons = $25,000 and so on, and interesting note: the numbers work the same with one or many projects.

Perhaps further and/or improved illustrations/explanations could help make this clear. But here’s the details spelled out:

The limit and crowdmatching use a sum of all projects you support.

So, a $10 limit matches up to 10,000 total pledges to projects you support — whether that’s one project with 10,000 patrons, two projects with 3,000 and 7,000 patrons each, or other combinations. Also, a total of 2,000 other pledges is the same whether they are 500 patrons all pledging to your 4 projects or 2,000 different patrons where 500 of them each pledge to just one of your 4 projects. Regardless, 2,000 matched pledges means you are donating a total of $2 as part of $4,000 total going to all the projects you support.

So, the whole crowdmatching system works the same regardless of how many projects are included. It would be ideal to make this clearer.

“Number of shovellers” is clear and probably best. But the strict truth is that you and others could be adding to that number by shovelling for multiple projects.

Side-note: why not offer multiple/larger pledges to one project from one patron?

A weird quirk from how we currently propose the system: 500 patrons can match each other 4 times over by all pledging to 4 projects. But they can’t (we don’t support this as planned) just pledge 4-times as much to a single project.

We could, in principle, support people agreeing to do extra (“I’ll shovel twice as much if others also shovel twice as much”) in cooperation on the same project — we just don’t support that now because it makes everything much more complex, see for reference our old formula that aimed to include that sort of extra-reinforcement. The idea is nice in principle but too complicated in practice, especially to explain.

What is the goal you are trying to reach? What is the topic?

This is about communicating the whole-system approach. This is primarily a reply to @fvila789 from the linked topic in thinking about per-project vs system.

Related: I recall mockups from @msiep (I think) showing how much matching-potential was available within current budget limit. That highlighted how the limit allows a certain amount of matching total, it’s not per-project.

Given a system-wide budget, we want people to correctly see it that way.