Create a new page that explains the mechanism in more detail

We need to provide a more informative version of the “how it works” page as it is very superficial and leaves many questions open.

I suggest we have a page (linked from the “how it works” -> “learn more” link at the bottom) that uses illustrations to further explain key components.

What parts of the mechanism do you think should be part of that?

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My initial thoughts:

The older wiki mechanism page tries to do this. It’s too much text, not enough illustration… but it’s a reference to consider elements for the new page[1]

I like the key points that page states:

Crowdmatching is flexible (rather than all-or-nothing), and minimizes individual risk and burden while maximizing collective impact.

The page also describes the full process of pledging and what it means. And it gives concrete numbers.

  1. and if there's enough overlap, we could deprecate the wiki page once it's replaced, moving some bits to other wiki pages as appropriate. Or we could otherwise update the page to better partner with the new one. ↩︎

Most of the points of confusion that I’d like to clarify are related to the budget:

  • The budget/limit is site-wide, not per-project
  • The scale of crowdmatching is such that you won’t hit your limit until the project(s) you’re supporting have thousands of total pledges
    • This is not an immediate problem; it’s a very good problem to have
    • If/when we get to this point, there are other solutions to allow you to continue crowdmatching at lower levels
    • When you’re nearing your budget, we’d prefer you to increase your budget than have our safety mechanism kick in.
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