Coworking and focus, particular areas

I finally had time to just focus on concrete tasks. I looked over Epics · · GitLab and see room for continuing to improve our set up there, but good start. Epics could use more labels so I could filter out stuff that doesn’t apply to me (like coding).

Anyway, I noted that some areas of work fit different zones for my motivation:

I’d like to figure out for myself how to make the most of thinking about things this way. For now, I’m finding things that fit the last couple categories and acting on them. I’ve also made some progress on some tension/reluctance areas that just had to be done.

I have a note-to-self that I’d like to soon write one of those “manuals for working with me” documents. I have collected ideas like that but need to do more modeling of putting them to use. A “manual for working with Aaron” would include notes like “he knows he can preface things too much or go on, please feel free to interrupt him, he doesn’t mind” and “he responds well to feedback and constructive criticism” and “he gets stuck with doubting-mindset and worries about all the choices and ramifications, benefits from supportive encouragement to do good-enough and try things and move on” and more.

Anyway, posting this to share some thoughts about how I’m approaching work on Snowdrift. Happy to hear from others about what I’m thinking or about how you feel when making sense of what to do to push this projects forward.

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