Cooperation with Smartlike?

Hello Snowdrift team,

Congratulations on what you’re building here!

I believe we are in the same business of “making the world better” - we develop a free micro-donation service.
Let us cooperate to improve our chances.
To your crowdmatching we could bring privacy and lossless micro-transactions.

Thank you,
Vadim Frolov, Vienna

Thanks @vadim.frolov

We are all about cooperation, and appreciate you reaching out! We are currently at an interesting stage of development - I’m curious, did you have something specific in mind?



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Thank you for answering Athan @alignwaivers !

Let us explore possible benefits for Snowdrift to use Smartlike as a low level donation processor.

  1. Streaming donations
    When creating crowdmatching subscriptions, users authorize Snowdrift to manage them. Since even transactions of 0.01 USD are free on Smartlike you don’t need to accumulate accounting any longer and can implement more dynamic and live algorithms.
  2. Transparency
    Another important thing for donations. All transactions are stored on a public ledger and open for audit. Users can be sure Snowdrift correctly executes its algorithms. We can even think towards smart contracts in the next version.
  3. Privacy
    Apart from giving your users the much appreciated options to skip signup or stay anonymous, you get rid of dangerous and costly private data processing.
  4. Visibility
    We develop Super Channels where users subscribe to their favorite creators in a platform-independent way. They learn more options regarding hosting and donating. They will see crowdmatching among others.
  5. Fundraising
    The problem with donations is that you will get them when you’re popular, but you need them from the beginning. With Smartlike users will donate you to fill their accounts with funds for micro-donations. You get credit line and negative balance at first, but receive cash to fund the development. When users donate you in the future, your balance becomes positive again. (More details - Credit lines and How it works)

Please let us know what you think.
Thank you,

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Hesitant to post a low-signal reply, but just to note that Smartlike isn’t so trivial to understand that I fully get it in a quick skim. I feel I’ll need to read more at a time I can focus well or to have a conversation to make sense of it more. The concepts definitely sound like they are in the same space and engage with some of the concerns we’re grappling with.

I’m not sure where this fits in prioritizing my attention.

For reference, we are slowly working on several challenges that aren’t blocked by the question of donation processors.

To at least do something today, I added a needs-research entry for Smartlike to Snowdrift Wiki - Payment Services though that itself is really out of date, has not been updated in a long time. @vadim.frolov just maybe you could add some perspective on that page and help document the current nature of this space.

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