Confusion about crowdmatching terms topic

So 3 of those 4 are not crowdmatching, right? And they don’t make sense for funding.

You forgot:

  • max is set by us
  • rate is set by us
  • rate is set by the pope
  • we choose a random patron to set max und rate for all
  • rate is set by day of year, so at the end of the year patrons pay 300% of their pledge
  • everything from random generator

but why even mention such options?

we already had alignment on

  • fixed goal is set by project, max is set by patrons, so each patron’s match-rate is max/goal

as much as I like to question decisions again and again, I would like to get forward here

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My goal is to define the boundaries more clearly and make sure we use consistent language so we don’t talk past one another so much.

I do not think we are settled on max-set-by-patrons for alpha MVP. I think the simplest possible iterative MVP (and I really want us to determine next-MVP and move forward) is actually the snowdrift project (us) setting the rate and the max (so that’s the 2nd item from my list). Thus, we just switch from kick-out at fixed $10 budget to stating at a project level that we will only run crowdmatching up to $10/patron = $10,000 goal. We could run updated alpha with clearer messaging around that alpha-MVP and wider announcements once ready etc. Then, we continue working (in discussion with projects potentially) on whether the beta-MVP will be the same or add more levers.

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your post confuses me

is this thread about alpha MVP?

i think we talk about our final mechanism and what makes it “crowdmatching”

we had alignment on

maybe open another issue for that?

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I don’t know about “final mechanism”, but yes, we are discussing the longer-term path often. I will separately post about the importance of deciding on and moving forward on alpha before setting later mechanism strictly.