Collecting list of little-helpful-things anyone can do

Beyond, we should make a wiki page (or a section of that page) of short-easy-ongoing ways to help succeed. Starting brainstorm list:

  • Read the wiki to learn more (and edit / improve as you go)
  • Bring up to a friend
    • and observe and document their intro to the site?
    • in order to practice explaining your understanding?
    • helping us recruit / spread the word
  • Visit the forum (here) and reply to posts (like this one) or post anew with questions or feedback
  • Ping team members on IRC to check in and see how they are doing, if they are on-task with correct priorities

A list like this exists at the wiki landing page:

I think that is a good place. The list there doesn’t have everything on your list, but it could be added.

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Yeah, but I think it might be better to move to a new page so people go there knowing they are looking for that list. It could be more explicitly labeled then too.

We want to adapt this to fit real cases. So, we know specific volunteers who have a time but not much or feel tired and would like to just pick something they know they can do. We could see how well the homepage stuff works for them and go from there…

Wherever we have it, it should be labeled more clearly so people actually use it. Also, linked from an FAQ item and from the how-to-help page…

I don’t. I think the list of short/easy/ongoing things that anyone can do should have the most visibility possible.

…And modify the homepage stuff as needed. However, I am attached to the placement on the home page.

  • A dedicated page narrows who will read it by a lot — people will assume it has only higher-effort/more-involved ways to help. The whole point of this list is being easy and accessible to everyone.
  • Until we have a call-to-action page on our main site, like, I want the call to action on the wiki to be as front-and-center as possible. Link length matters for sharing.
    • People will remember either the wiki. or the /url, but not both.

It’s linkable at When I was updating the wiki, I originally linked there from the top of how-to-help (as in, “First check out this list of easy stuff”); IIRC, I removed it at your suggestion. Happy to add it back.

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Sure, no reason not to add that back, but I’ll express a vote for having a /get-involved main site page. I like that term as well (over “how-to-help”).

Supporting point: In my first reply on this topic, I just linked to wiki. because I didn’t remember the full url off hand.