Co-op category renamed Governance

For a while, governance topics were grouped under project management. But really, they are separate topics — governance includes things like our bylaws, which are far outside the scope of project management. (I suspect we originally confused the two because we were using Holacracy, which attempts to make some parts of governance more like project management — but governance still extends to the whole co-op, not just the team.)

We also had a “co-op” category for “topics about running as a platform cooperative”… which is basically describing our approach to governance. So, I’ve renamed that category to “Governance”, which is the broader topic; co-op discussions are still very much appropriate there.

I’ve moved all the topics that were obviously governance to the new category (turns out this was not very hard) — sorry for notifications if you’re watching the coop governance category! If you come across any I missed, feel free to move them.

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