Checklist for conferences?

I’d like to have a more useful basic conference checklist. Brainstorming for now:

  • take photos
  • feedback gathering stuff
  • volunteer / forum sign-up
  • biz cards
  • stickers
  • shirts (for us)
  • flyers?
  • table-specific stuff
    • tall banner
    • table-top posters
    • tablecloth

what else? And maybe we keep this as a doc in the outreach repo?

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Hrm, just a thought: we have a bunch of mediocre small candies that someone here bought for Halloween… unfortunately clearly labeled for the holiday… but should I bring those and put them out on the table to entice people?

Promoting sugar consumption actually goes against my personal ideals, and having the candy around risks that I’ll eat a little of it… but… pick your battles…

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Social media promotion (live & while on-site) is probably a good idea (i.e. pictures of snowdrift folks at the conference)