ChatGPT seems to understand Snowdrift pretty well 😀

Hi folks,

I asked ChatGPT about Snowdrift in 2 conversations with it :

  1. In the first one, in French, and more about collaborative economy in general, ChatGPT made some mistakes like mentioning Snowdrift had a common fund that aggregated donations that were then spread fairly throughout projects :thinking:
  2. ChatGPT nailed it in the second conversation, which is here:

I like how ChatGPT is sometimes able to explain things in such a clear way.

I post it here because it might be useful for future marketing, PR or presentations.

1 Appreciation

To highlight selections here: is a nonprofit, member-owned and operated platform designed to support public goods through ongoing, sustainable funding. It focuses on collaborative funding for projects that provide public benefits, such as free and open-source software, open content, and other shared resources.

a “public goods funding” model, where individuals pledge small recurring donations to projects they value. aims to create a sustainable ecosystem where the collective support of many individuals can provide ongoing funding for valuable public goods. distinguishes itself from other crowdfunding platforms by its unique approach to funding and its focus on public goods. specifically targets public goods projects which benefit the general public and are freely accessible to everyone. employs a unique feature called “crowdmatching.” When a patron makes a donation, their contribution triggers a matching increase in donations from other patrons. This mechanism amplifies the impact of individual donations and encourages more people to contribute.

Overall,’s cooperative funding model, focus on public goods, sustainable funding approach, matching contributions, and community-oriented approach combine to make it more likely for projects to receive ongoing support compared to traditional crowdfunding platforms.

The cooperative nature of fosters a sense of shared responsibility and the idea that individual contributions, when combined, can make a significant difference.’s emphasis on community and collaboration can make potential donors feel more connected to the projects they support. Knowing that others are also contributing and that their contributions are being matched can create a sense of belonging and motivation to be part of a larger movement. Collaborative Funding for Public Goods

Sustainability: offers a sustainable funding solution for projects by encouraging ongoing, recurring donations. This helps projects receive consistent support, enabling them to plan for the long term and continue providing valuable public goods.

Amplified Impact: Through’s crowdmatching mechanism, each individual donation has the potential to be multiplied through matching contributions. This amplification effect enables donors to see their contributions make a more significant impact, attracting more support for projects.

Those are the lines that are the best of the generated ones. The terms that seem to me to be most unlike my own writing style tendencies are “employs” (as in “ employs a new fundraising mechanism called crowdmatching”)

Overall, this is pretty good, though it doesn’t explain to readers anything about how crowdmatching specifically works.