Changes to the build and CI

I finally merged , and did a bunch of cleanup and testing. There are a few changes that may cause a little churn at first. Expect a few longer builds, and then expect things to be generally faster when using

I also updated CI in three major ways. First, a run takes seven minutes now, instead of twenty five! Second, CI should fail more gracefully now, picking up new tasks after canceling one. There is still a buggy delay before the new tasks start, but if they don’t start at all, I’ll be surprised. Finally, CI won’t even try to run for forked repos, which is good, since they are guaranteed to fail: no CI runner will pick up their tasks.

In other news, I’ve been using Nix a lot outside of Snowdrift, and I am totally ready to switch this project over, as well. Builds and CI will be even faster, for everyone, forever. Hooray!

Let me know how it goes for everyone!

p.s. I’ve been faced with extremely similar organizational challenges at Databrary as I have at Snowdrift. I’ve made progress understanding how to frame management of the Website Circle, and I’ll be describing that progress soon.

p.p.s. I just deployed the new Projects page! :space_invader:

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