Change notice: turned on "private email" (and back off, nevermind)

Don’t include content from posts or topics in emails for extra privacy.

This setting addresses a concern I had about the way that email can reveal CoC violations or otherwise versions of posts that get edited etc.

There’s certainly trade-offs, but since the emails aren’t designed to show complete posts anyway, the point is that this turns email notifications into merely notes that posts were made and links to view them at the forum. We didn’t anyway have the full email-list type functions on (which imperfectly aim to make the forum act more like an email list), so those who prefer email lists didn’t have that experience anyway.

There’s room to discuss this or change back, but I think this is adequate/better overall (at least worth seeing if it’s fine enough).

and I turned it back off. I would rather at least see the topic titles, and this setting is only for highly-confidential forums where nothing should be revealed (it turns emails into nothing but topic numbers and links).