Bumping posts (particularly wiki-based posts)

Continuing the discussion from Starting set of tags?:

Editing wiki posts does bump a topic (after a 5 min. delay), but only if there’s no replies. (I think the same goes for non-wiki posts too, basically editing the last item in a topic should bump).

meta.discourse thread and possible bug

Apparently, in the earlier topic, the “Making this a wiki” reply that I deleted still made the initial post not be considered the “last” one. If so, that’s a bug. But we’ll need to figure out reliable reproduction to help fix it. See When wikis are edited, they should be bumped - #4 by codinghorror - feature - Discourse Meta

It’s expected that bumping of the wiki topic can be returned by deleting any replies.

We could also request that wiki editing (or any opening-post editing?) bump even when there are replies, but it’s not the case now.

Overall, topic-bumping done responsibly seems fine to me, but it can be preferable to edit a last-post in a topic instead of post a new reply and otherwise to post with some updated more meaningful than “bump…”