Browser compatibility of forum

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Were you saying that you need to use a browser like Firefox/iceweasel or Chromium? Or were you saying that Chromium works for you here while Firefox does not?

I need to use a browser like firefox/iceweasel or chromium. The forum works in other browsers than chromium, e.g. firefox or surf (from, but is too slow/laggy/annoying in any browser except chromium.

However, this is mostly my own decision: I choose to run hardware that is too slow for software that is very complex – this is similar to how people choose to use only FLO software.

The forum is indeed very complex.

Interesting that Chromium does better. I use Firefox and it works fine. I do wish the forum were lighter-weight. When we first Started, we built our own integrated discussion boards something like Reddit-style threaded, all using zero-JavaScript, just server-side Haskell and simply HTML/CSS. But we didn’t have the bandwidth to build all the features we wanted and end up being a forum project instead of a crowdfunding project.

Discourse has a great set of features, but heavy client-side JavaScript is a clear negative.

I guess there’s not much we can do about it though at this point.

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