Brendan's Introduction

Hi everyone. Some of you have already gotten an introduction to me via weekly meetings, but for those who haven’t, my name is Brendan. I reached out to Aaron a few months ago inquiring about guitar lessons, and he soon introduced me to Snowdrift. Though I had some vague familiarity with “Open Source” as a concept, I’m still relatively new to the FLO world, and have spent most of my time to this point getting up to speed with the various languages and discourses involved. I’m really excited about this project. It’s particularly gratifying to be involved with a group of people dedicated to proposing and working through actual solutions. The issues at the core of Snowdrift (sustainable funding, empowering communities, opposing corporate hegemony and rampant surveillance/advertisements) have long been concerns of mine, but Snowdrift’s answers are new and exciting.

My background is largely editorial and administrative –– beyond an Intro To Comp-Sci course in college, I have very little programming experience and unfortunately will be of little use in that regard. At school I majored in English and edited the newspaper, as well as taking on various freelance writing jobs on the side (which I continue to do, post-graduation). My day job before the pandemic was as an Administrative Assistant in an office –– not the most exciting thing, but I do think many of those skills, as well as the editorial ones, can be usefully applied to much of the work being done here.

I spend most of my free time involved in various artistic pursuits (music and film are my foremost interests), and I’m a die-hard Milwaukee Bucks fan.

Looking forward to continuing to get to know you all!

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