Blobs in GitLab?

Continuing the discussion from Process for consent decisions on the forum:

First of all, why is this in a blob? Still grasping such intricacies of git usage here, but unfortunate because I couldn’t edit this broken link

I just referenced the archived version from the wayback machine rather than update because… a new one doesn’t exist currently. Making a point to follow up with here but boy did this go beyond my expected timeboxing here

Also, original question remains: why this is in a blob and not in it’s own branch

“Blob” is just a (weird) term for a static file. View any file from a git repo, and it’s called a “blob”. It’s not a snippet (that’s something else). I wish the URL weren’t so weird.

We could potentially put this in the wiki, though this is the sort of doc we don’t want tweaked too readily. I dunno, it would be ideal maybe to have a set up where certain wiki pages could have stricter editing permissions than others. Overall, the whole wiki isn’t really readily editable by just anyone anyway.

“Blob” is official git terminology, see e.g. It’s pretty deep in the abstraction tree, so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to show it in the URL for a tool that wraps over git, but …

“Tree” is another official term, and it shows up in the same place.