Better use of tags! (also assignments?)

I see that within this meta topic (which is, understandably, growing the fastest as the primary activity now is testing the forum), there are probably places where tags would be useful. There are also topics that would make sense to assign (to @Salt particularly), and I know that’s an option (plugin at least) here.

How should we best start tagging these things to help keep things from being overwhelming?

I am against assignments or “todo” tags of any sort; that belongs in gitlab.

One possible exception: tasks which are specifically “Modify discourse in some way.”

However, I think we just have a lot of those right now because we’re setting up the platform. It still might be valuable to have ‘todo’ and ‘done’ tags for use right now, and we can drop them when setup is finished.

This isn’t about anything that belongs in gitlab. The use of “assignments” here would be along the lines of “X team member assigned to engage with this discussion topic with the community”. Maybe it’s not a good tool to do this formally (I think that conclusion is likely), but I was thinking about the idea, in an outreach sense, of basically encouraging certain people to do the “work” of engaging on a certain topic.

Closing in favor of Starting set of tags?

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