Banner ideas for social networks

Just an idea of what propaganda banners on social networks could look like:

Hi, just to note, we have some existing design work lead by @mray

The resources are here: Private Seafile
You can find them again via Snowdrift Wiki - Team Resources, which is intended as the central place for “I’m a team member and I forgot the link to something”.

The seafile used to be mirrored to GitLab; although the files in the repo are outdated, I still use this link to the design guide (which I think is still up to date) for quick reference, just because I find it the easiest to get to: Design Guide · Wiki · / Design · GitLab

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Generally we have not struggled with “what should this [page/widget/banner/etc] look like?”.

We have struggled to agree on what content / structure to have. After that, deciding on how it should look has been relatively smooth. After that, we have once again struggled with bandwidth for implementation.

I don’t want to discourage you too much from making designs for things if that’s what excites you and motivates you. I do want to suggest that helping with either alignment/content (more like Introductory video is missing the point) or with technical implementation will make a bigger impact at the moment.

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