Athan here! A Quick Bio

Hey everybody!

My name’s Athan, and I’m glad to help with all of you working towards a better future for everyone.

A little about me : I teach robotics to kids and work events in Portland. Aaron introduced me to the FLO world (with a music emphasis) over two years ago, and I’ve been a huge advocate for linux and all the amazing free software ever since. without a doubt, it’s changed my life and I want to support the improvement of open source software and public goods for the benefit of everyone.

I’m trying to help where I can, so feel free to ask me if there’s anything I can assist on!

my main programming experience is with python which I’ve been working on learning the past year +. Mostly I’ve used this to work on open source music interfaces, ranging from using drum pads as open source loopstations to a wireless musical glove using the raspberry pi.

Happy snowdrifting ya’ll, and I’ll see ya around

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