Adjusting forum subscription and notification options

To some degree I consider forum posts as issues. At least by trying to make sense what a post is about generally. This one strikes me with links in a thousand directions and no meat about what is expected to be discussed or cleared.

Can I unsubscribe from this somehow?

If you go to the category page, you can adjust the notification options using the bell in the the upper right:


You can also see this for all all categories that aren’t set to “normal” here:[1]

  1. a discourse feature: links with /u/me/ in them redirect to the name of whoever clicks them. So this link takes me to, but will take @mray to ↩︎

In addition to category, options are also available per topic and per tag.

So, you can be watching a category but then have specific topics on mute or normal.

Also, you can adjust the activity digest frequency. With the digest, you can still see new things in categories you are not watching. And you can obviously also just visit whenever is good and review things to whatever extent you like.

Forum topics are not issues, though they can be similar. People can have discussions here that have no implicit call for specific responses or actions (particularly in categories that are more open-ended).

Our #welcome category has a pinned post encouraging people to set good notification and email settings that work for them: Welcome to the community forum

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